Microsoft to end Windows XP support in 365 days

Microsoft will end support for Windows XP in 365 days on April 8, 2014. After April 2014, Microsoft writes, using XP is an “at your own risk” situation. What this basically means is that their won’t be anymore updates from Microsoft for Windows XP. Windows XP will still work, albeit without any support from Microsoft. Windows XP still accounts for 38 percent of the desktop users at this point. I understand that Microsoft wants us to move on to the tablet inspired Windows 8 operating system, but they should still support the majority of the users out there that still use Windows XP. Whether they will change their mind at the last minute remains to be seen. If Microsoft doesn’t step up then I suspect that someone else will. We will find out in a year.


Microsoft is also offering a 15 percent discount on Windows 8 Pro and Office Standard 2013 until June 30. They are trying to get you to switch over. If you need any help with Windows XP or Windows 8 please contact us at (520) 514-1024.

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