5 Free Tools to Test your Internet Speed

Check your internet speed to see if your Internet Service Provider is giving you what you are actually paying for with these internet testers. Speeds will vary depending on providers and your location in proximity to them.

  • Speedtest.net
    This is a great test to see how your internet speed stacks up.
  • DSL Reports
    Another very effective online tool for testing your internet connection speed is the one provided by DSL reports.
  • Speed Guide Speed Test Service
    Another great tool you can use to test the speed of your internet connection is the Speedguide.net.
  • 2Wire.com Speed Test Service
    2wire internet speed testing will check your internet speed as soon as you go to the page. No clicking buttons.
  • Comcast Speed Test
    If your on Comcast and you want to see what they say your getting for internet speed try their speed test.

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